From a sub-par learner to a lauded trainer

“I’m just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don’t know where to go I can’t do it alone I’ve tried
And I don’t know why”

Those words are from ‘The Show’ by Lenka, one of my favorite songs and I believe those words are true. Life is really a maze. We just don’t know where we would end up until we reach the spot. I always wanted to be a great entrepreneur and I have been doing business for more than 8 years now. I have been into various fields and life has taught me great lessons. I have been a web security Consultant, a web developer, an inventor, a business mentor, a motivational speaker but in my wildest dreams I ever imagined I would become a trainer, training people and empowering them with a tool that I once never thought would master, ‘English.’

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I was bitten by an Angel & Bytrium was Born!


Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique. – Jaclyn Smith

My cute little Titan Timepiece placed on a light brown, wooden table next to my bed ticked 4:00 in the morning. It was still dark outside and I was sound asleep and my phone started ringing a whistle version of the famous tamil movie song “Unnodu Vaazhatha Vazhvenna Vaazhum,”

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Yes, I’m Twenty-Two (22)



Long long ago,  on September 7, 1992, a hospital located in Trivandrum, Kerala [INDIA] was celebrating it’s Sixth (6th) year of operations. The hospital was founded by the Late P. Ratnaswamy who was an engineer cum builder by profession. It was a very tall building with around 250 bed strength in a 1 acre land right at the city.   In one of those 250 beds, thirty minutes (30) past twelve (12) [If I am not wrong :P] I tasted air for the first time.  Life has been a journey for me and each and every bit was a learning experience as well. I don’t remember much of what happened during my first 5  birthdays.

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How I Met Arpita! – Part I

DISCLAIMER: Any names or characters in this post ‘could’ be fictional and any resemblance to any entity living or dead is purely coincidental!

Arpita v1


Cold as an Ice and sore as a Spice; hard as a Rock and cheap as a Schlock, I existed somewhere in this world with a title, “An Entrepreneur” self instilled.  With imbibed knowledge and skill set such as ‘pathological lying,’ I developed this unique set of modus-operandi for being unique, ‘The Art of Convincing.’ That confident I was, that I could convince any one, anything and even could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. Fame and acceptance was slowly crawling in and with this very unique profile I possessed, sky was the limit for me. [Refer to my earlier post Who am I? A Short Autobiography of Rohith Namboothiri to know more about me] 

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A funny world it is and a whimsical joker I am in it!

Funny world map on food


It is indeed very true that globalization has made the world smaller. Anything and everything in this world is available to everyone (to an extent) and we tend to live happily in this world. Internet is one of the most revolutionary invention of all times according to me and definitely it played a major role in bringing the world together and making it much much smaller.

While the world celebrates its freedom, and proclaims that they have access to anything and knows everything, its still a surreptitious fact that what we see, what we hear are all decided by someone, a body or an individual, placed somewhere and I definitely did not mean God!

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2013 – A Year Not To Be Forgotten!

“Da, did you give it?”

“Yea, I did”

“What did she say?”

“She said thanks, I have an exam man, so I left earlier, the others are still at her place I think”

December 28th 2012, I asked a friend of mine to give a birthday gift to another friend of ours who isn’t that friendly with me due to many unsolicited reasons. The birthday gift had to be given five days prior to her birthday as there was no other option for me. I bought the gift few months earlier wishing for a chance to give her the gift myself and apologize for any but all mistakes I have done to her.

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Guys, stop fighting!, Ani, Adiyada Avane! :D :P

I was just going through my blog and I realized that it’s been a while I posted some humorous incident which happened in my life, after all the true purpose of this blog is to confess. Today, I was riding my scooter to Anirudh’s place, and due to the heavy traffic, I had to take some shortcuts, and I passed by a house and many old memories flashed into my mind. Out of all, I came across this amazing incident which happened in my life, in fact its hard to believe that I completely missed it out and didn’t post it before.

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The Girl Who Knocked Me Off My Feet!


The ten Ninjas of Mahila Mandiram

The ten Ninjas of Mahila Mandiram

Past few months, I have been continuously called to deliver speeches, conduct classes and workshops on entrepreneurship across India in various institutions, clubs, organizations and schools and I must admit that all those were an inestimable experience to me. Fifty-five speeches in 3 months, woah!, thats some record according to me and TEDX, I am literally flying!.

Me as a speaker @ TedX Bangalore

Me as a speaker @ TedX Bangalore

Out of all, my workshop at Mahila Mandiram was the most unforgettable one. Mahila Mandiram is one of the oldest non-profit social organization and it’s located in Poojapura, Trivandrum, Kerala [INDIA].

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Palakkad Times – The Man Who Wouldn’t Wake Up!


Palakkad Times – Yatra

April 7th 2013, the Epic Day!


This is a real life event, presented from the author’s point of view. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is not at all entirely coincidental: D .

Palakkad Times is a short novel by Rohith Namboothiri, which contains many great humorous, unforgettable events happened on April 7th 2013, an EPIC day.

This article is an excerpt from the short novel!

Revathy, Anirudh, Akash & Me

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Who am I? A Short Autobiography of Rohith Namboothiri


How many of us use e-mails to communicate with friends, families, acquaintances, living in different parts of the world, separated miles apart from us?


How many of us use social media networks to contact, or connect with the same families, friends, acquaintances etc?

Social Media

Internet and web has made our lives much easier right?

That’s what I do! I work hard, day and night to make your lives easier.

I am a “Web Architect” by profession, a passionate entrepreneur by choice. 

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