How I Met Arpita! – Part I

June 8, 2014 - 12 minutes read

DISCLAIMER: Any names or characters in this post ‘could’ be fictional and any resemblance to any entity living or dead is purely coincidental!

Arpita v1


Cold as an Ice and sore as a Spice; hard as a Rock and cheap as a Schlock, I existed somewhere in this world with a title, “An Entrepreneur” self instilled.  With imbibed knowledge and skill set such as ‘pathological lying,’ I developed this unique set of modus-operandi for being unique, ‘The Art of Convincing.’ That confident I was, that I could convince any one, anything and even could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. Fame and acceptance was slowly crawling in and with this very unique profile I possessed, sky was the limit for me. [Refer to my earlier post Who am I? A Short Autobiography of Rohith Namboothiri to know more about me] 

 Selfish as a Fox and strong as an Ox; Stingy as a Miser and brutal as a Chastiser I was in business and many a things ruthlessly I have done to hold on to my slab.  I never believed in re-invention and that a complete make over of ones élan vital is even possible, until that special character made its debut in my life.  For convenience, let’s give a name for this special character, “Vedika” which means consciousness in Sanskrit.  

How would you feel when your bare chest is exposed to chilly, freezing breeze? That’s what happened to me when Vedika  first walked in.  Venomous as a snake, the frosty breeze bit my chest and almost instantaneously it disseminated across, freezing my whole body, making it brittle and before the second wave struck, my heart broke into pieces.  Like a ‘Neuralized’ witness in Men in Black, I was left wandering trying to discover who I am. If it wasn’t for Vedika, I doubt I would ever open up my mind and write this confession at this early stage!

Before Vedika walked into my life, there was this another special character who influenced my life a lot ‘indirectly.’ I believe that revenge is the best motivation you can ever get in your life. Revenge can make you do wonders and I believe that I was able to do some and all credits goes to that personality.

Disheartened by the December 2012 events in New Delhi, I wanted to make a difference in the society and prove to that special character that I am capable of making wonders happen. It was then that ‘wearable technology’ gained my attention and I was fascinated by it’s advantages and I made up my mind that if I am doing something, then that would have wearable technology playing a major role in it. I believe that things fall in order at the right place and at the right moment and no matter how prepared or unprepared we are, things will fall in place automatically.

I was once invited to do a workshop in a shelter home in Trivandrum, Kerala by a wonderful organization called ‘Make a Difference.’ I was teaching those young minds the basics of entrepreneurship and how to deliver an effective elevator pitch presentation [The Girl Who Knocked Me Off My Feet!]. These kids requested me to give them a demo and I was completely unprepared for one. And then it happened.

Did you know that in US, a rape happens every TWO minutes???
According to a report which came out in 2011, Twenty three thousand five hundred and eight two (23582) rapes were reported in India, that is close to a rape in every 24 minutes!

What if there was a technology which could possible prevent or intervene a Rape attempt? A technology which could server as a shadow security force protecting you 24/7? A technology which could make your life more secured and peaceful? …..

The above quote is an excerpt from that ‘brilliant 😛 ‘ elevator pitch demo I performed and I myself was in a state of awe. I didn’t have any clue what I was saying but words were flowing out like a river and the concept I presented (totally unprepared) impressed me a lot.  Even after the workshop, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and started doing some initial research and the results awe-inspired me. ‘The first and foremost private 911 in India‘, I immediately knew this is got the potential to be the next big thing!

Couple of weeks later, I came to Bangalore for few days to live with my sister and I also had a TEDx Speech to be presented. One day i was taking a shower. I have this habit of dreaming and virtually creating a scenario or a problem and mentally try to solve it. At times, I do end up physically acting and talking to myself as if those incidents were really happening. This is one of the methods I follow to keep myself prepared for the worst.  Coming back to the point, while taking the shower, I was thinking about going to Germany and doing MBA and finally establishing a bigger business empire there. That was the time I was quite tired and started losing interest in managing Axeleron Technologies, my first venture.  I was thinking about the special character (not Vedika) and the character’s family visiting Germany and I receiving them at airport, the family asking me what I do and me pointing at a gigantic corporate building and telling them I work there and they ask me as what, and me telling that the building is mine! I know a whimsical and weird scenario/dream it was, but the twist is that, the parents asked me what was the name of the company and I said “ARPITA”

‘ARPITA’, the name which accidentally came out of my box, while day dreaming, impressed me a lot.  The dream was progressing in a faster pace, as in I took all of them to show around Munich, and while the tour was happening,  one of the parent who sounded very impressed asked me what it was and I told them ” Do you see that lady over there? Can you see that green band on her wrist?” the parent nodded, and I said “that’s Arpita, Automated ‘Rape’ Protection & Intervention Technology Application”!!!

I just couldn’t control the excitement and thrill. I just found out a name for a concept which I was still developing and that too while day dreaming (in bathroom :p). Now I have a name, a full form for it, a concept and a hardworking mind. I decided to take this to the next level.  I immediately created a message group in Facebook and shortlisted few friends of mine whom I thought had the potential to be my co-founder(s) and they were Dileep (Axeleron’s Managing Partner & CTO) who is a brilliant designer and an Engineer; Gokul Krishnan (Axeleron’s Managing Partner & COO) who is a brilliant coordinator and tech genius;  Rahul P Nair (CEO WorkOfArt & COO Auxiilium) a close friend of mine, like minded,extremely hardworking and who understands ‘Entrepreneurship’; Akash Nair my child hood friend, a great logical thinker & a mechanical engineer; Anirudh Menon (CEO Auxiilium) a hotel management graduate with massive manpower management experience and has got deep root contacts in the city to get things done. I messaged them about Arpita.

First Message Revealing Arpita to team mates!

First Message Revealing Arpita to team mates!

After hearing the concept, the team had tumultuous reactions. A few of them were skeptical about the idea and a few were hysterically excited. We took the conversation off the social media and to a WhatsApp group and the discussions went on and on. I realized the need for a lady co-founder who is creative, innovative and MAD about helping the society and has got a little business experience and I found Ruby Naaz. Vivid and radiant she is in terms of creativity and being an artist her self and a second generation entrepreneur, I knew that she is the right fit for this role. Ruby was my college mate and I knew her well, but convincing her was the next big task. I fixed up a meeting with her soon and presented the idea and to my surprise, she was super excited and agreed to be a part of Arpita.

With a strong team in hand, I was confident that this venture of ours will work out and we started our journey together. “When you realize that your own venture has the potential to let you spend the rest of your life like a king, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible“.

To be continued…


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