I was bitten by an Angel & Bytrium was Born!

November 13, 2014 - 5 minutes read


Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique. – Jaclyn Smith

My cute little Titan Timepiece placed on a light brown, wooden table next to my bed ticked 4:00 in the morning. It was still dark outside and I was sound asleep and my phone started ringing a whistle version of the famous tamil movie song “Unnodu Vaazhatha Vazhvenna Vaazhum,”

the ringtone I assigned to one of my contacts. I was shocked to see that call at that point of time. After gawking at the time and my phone, repeatedly, I finally picked up the call with a smile.  As I picked up the call, I didn’t know that smile I always had on my face would soon emancipate and I shall be left burning like a haystack on fire. I was bitten by a poisonous angel. The venom insidiously seeped into my blood, slowly killing me. Soon before darkness encapsulated me, I reviewed past few months of my life and how I lost focus which almost destroyed my dreams and career, but too late it was…

With a dead soul, heart & mind, I went into the company where I was doing a corporate training to its staff. May be because my heart was filled in with emotions, I was able to give one of the best sessions that day. Hadn’t I been there for training, I would have been just a memory. Thanks to all those wonderful souls who helped me.  It has been just few weeks since I started off with the corporate training but we all felt a bond that is unexplainable between us.

During my training sessions,  I realized that the bond is getting stronger and we all share one dream which is to grow big! I asked myself, if I can share my knowledge and experience with them and if that could make a difference in their lives, then that is the best accomplishment I can ever achieve. I trained them rigorously on various aspects such as business development, communication, the art of deception, the art of convincing, lie spotting etc.

The training sessions were going on in full swing and the relationship with the team was growing stronger and stronger day by day and that was when one of them came to me and said that they all are fed of leading a monotonous life and they all have got big dreams and they wanted to start something new and they wanted my help. I am a passionate entrepreneur by choice and I love helping people start up their dreams and I immediately said YES.

Team Bytrium

For few weeks we met at various places such as public parks, coffee shops, beach, museum etc and I taught them what entrepreneurship is all about, its advantages and disadvantages, and at the end of the session, a bunch of them unanimously said “We’re in”  some thing that I love hearing, and that gave birth to Bytrium, my sixth venture.

Bytrium Solutions

Now I have a vision. As an entrepreneur and a socially responsible citizen, I want to use all my skills and talents to give these courageous ones a better life, better than what they could ever imagine.  An angel that almost killed me paved way for me to thrust forward in full throttle with a new aim and vision.

My dear angel, I love you & thank you for killing me!

Warm Regards

Rohith Namboothiri



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