The last day in RCIS..

May 12, 2012 - 4 minutes read

Year: 2008

Graduation Day

RCIS was my second home. I enjoyed a lot being there. Teachers, friends it was a different life. I studied in RCIS till 10th grade and there comes our graduation day. After that it was study holidays to prepare for our board exams. It was a hard time for everyone to say goodbye. Though we all will be in touch forever, we are leaving the school. We were the first batch from RCIS to attend board exams so teachers were extra good to us. For days we had done the graduation ceremony mock drills. Our costumes had come and so the final day. We decided to give the school a gift, that was a microwave oven for the staff room.  So we had arranged for one. We had no classes during those final days, and we used to play cricket in our class. It was fun everywhere. Anirduh, Akash and me used t gather round talk about anything and everything which cameup. We used to play truth or dare together that is with everyone…Nikhil, Santhosh, Ani, Akash, Mansa, Sampoorna, Revathy, Madhur, Veer etc.

Here ares some audio clips and video clips I managed to collect. Those days were really fun.


Before the Ceremony – VIDEO [Right Click and select Save Link As to download the video in case the video doesn’t play]


Audio Clip 1   Audio Clip 2    Audio Clip 3   Audio Clip 4   Audio Clip 5

I will try to get the graduation day video up soon..

The final day came. We were all in our costumes. Parents were also invited. How ever my dad was out-of-town and my mom didn’t turn up….We lined up and entered the auditorium, and our juniors gave us cards which was so great and special. We were asked to sit and the ceremony began. We took our oath, each teacher lit a candle and gave it to a student. Then we had our chief guest and principal giving their speech. The ceremony was too good, we had to sing a song that was “West Life’s You Raise Me Up”, We took group pictures. Even Jaya Lakshmi maam managed to come despite her illness. She had cancer. It’s really sad and disheartening , she is no longer with us now. She was a very good teacher, though she handled the subject I hated more…HINDI 😀

Thats me!

We were busy taking pictures, getting blessings from teachers, but some where in my heart I had the feeling that I am going to miss some one…..badly!..

Once we came back to class everyone  had tears rolling down their cheeks…even teachers  started crying…..We then started taking autographs from friends and filling out slam-books. I will never forget that moment…..

Most valuable piece of paper..Autograph of my dear ones...

Three years went like three days and it was definitely not enough.. at-least for me… I still miss that special one……..

The Batch!


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