My first day in RCIS…

May 21, 2012 - 10 minutes read


What ever we do, what ever we see, what ever we love, what ever we taste,  where ever we go there..let it be anything, there is always a first time for every thing. It is always special and we will never forget it most of the time.

For example imagine I saw a girl and I fell in love with her. Assume, that was my first love.  I will never forget that special one even if the relation ship breaks. Imagine I am seeing her after many many years, I will still have a tickle in my stomach and some old feelings comes back.  Imagine I bought a car with my own hard-earned money. I will always have a special attachment towards it, even if I sell it, I will have that car in my memories and will remember everything  about the car even after years. This is same for every one.  First time is always special.

It was in 2005, that it all began….my first day in Bangalore, India…..

It was a cool day, around 7:30 AM, School bus was roaring through the calm streets of Bangalore ( not that calm :D)You could have heard absolutely no noise from the kids inside the bus as it was their first day in school. Not only their first day, even the school’s first day. It was a brand new school, fresh start….wow, that’s great isn’t it.

There were many students in the yellow mini bus with Royale Concorde International School painted along its side. One among them was me. I was in 8th then, It was my first day in Bangalore. I am from kerala, led my first few years in Sharjah, UAE and came back to Trivandrum, Kerala. After completing my 7th grade, my dad got a new job in Bangalore and that is how I came there.


Bus reached my school at around 9:30 AM. it was supposed to reach before 8:15 AM, we were terribly late…can’t blame any one, its new school, first day for the drivers, they need to get a clear idea of the routes, so naturally they got delayed picking up students, hearing & watching their parents kiss their dear ones and bid goodbye.

We all were tensed but as soon as we saw some teachers with their loving smile and on hearing their warm & sweet greetings, half of our tensions scooted away…

I was the only 8th grader in the bus. All the kids were escorted by the teachers to their respective classes leaving behind me alone in the center of a 5 floor gigantic building. I somehow found the staircase and started crawling up. Since the school just started, 8th was the senior most grade, and the school promised that in the coming years they will increment the grades accordingly, so what so ever I am one of the senior most students in the school..:D, I got some information that my classroom was on the second floor. I reached the second floor and saw a teacher staring down at the courtyard & watching the younger kids going to their classes accompanied by their respective class teachers. I asked her “Good Morning Ma’am, could you help me find the class room for 8th std?” I just somehow manage to frame the sentence. Since I am from Trivandrum, Kerala, I am not that good english speaker. I followed what she said. She pointed out a classroom, at the end of the long corridor. I started walking towards the class room. On my right side was blue painted railings and on my left was other classrooms for lower graders. As I walked down, I saw teachers of those class rooms starting at me as if I am some alien coming to attack them 😀 . Phew, Finally I reached my class room.


I knocked on the door, and slightly pushed it to open it. The teacher in the class asked me to come in. I just had a look at the class, every one was staring at me.[DOH!] Teacher pointed out an empty seat at the right side,  last row and asked me to sit. I walked towards my seat, It was the most beautiful time of my life, I saw someone for the first time.

I just moved to my seat and saw Akash Nair sitting diagonally opposite to me. Akash and me were close friends [family friends] since we were young.  We exchanged greetings and smile…

Our Class (8th Grade)- That's Elsie Ma'am

Teacher broke the silence by coming towards me and asking me to introduce my self. I was quite shocked, I didn’t know what to say, with my poor error filled english [Even now its the same :P], I managed to say “I am Rohith, Rohith VSN, I am coming from Trivandrum, Kerala. I am coming from Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kerala” These were the exact words I uttered. 😀

I sat down. Teacher came to me and asked me to take down the timetable. She took a girl’s book who was sitting just in front of me and asked me to take it. I just glanced at the front cover and spotted a name slip with her name written on it with a pink glittering ink. It was Revathy Ravindranath…

I copied the timetable and gave the book back, and said thanks..She didnt reply….Suddenly my thoughts were disturbed by a student sitting beside me. He said, “you are from Kerala right? so I am and even him” he pointed out to a student sitting next to him.
I said “Oh!, that’s great, what is you name?” He replied “I am Jeff, Jeff Zhacariah and He is Philip Vargheeze”

“My Name is Elsie, Elsie Velu” said our teacher, I looked at her, so now we have every one in class, let us once more introduce us among our self, boy, you there start please. That was me, I quietly stood up and said “My name is Rohith VSN”, then my friend stood up and said “I am Jeff Kadavil Zhachariah” and it continued “Philip Vargheeze” “Manasa Thimmiya” “Lavina Setpal” “Yogesh Lalmalani” “Sparsh Sri Vastava” “Nithish Reddy” “Akash Nair” “Revathy” “Sampoorna Khanna” “Pooja Shree” “Nikhil Shetty”  “Anirudh Menon” “Santhosh Vishnu”  said my  classmates.


My Class Mates - 8th Grade

Else ma’am continued to give us instructions, explained the rules and regulations of the  school, we even looked at our prayer song. She said she would be handling English for us. And then a teacher walked in. She was the one whom I saw when I came up to the second floor. She introduced herself saying her name was “Jayalakshmi Nambiar” and said she would be handling Hindi for us. Then many teachers walked in and introduced themselves.

Since it was the first day, the school declared it as half day, that is we can go home by 12:40 PM.  Time went soon and so the day.  Akash and Me talked for a while and then we said bye and went home.

I am quite sure even after 50 years, I would remember each and every thing happened that day as if it happened minutes ago. A sweet memory I would never want to forget.


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