An Arabi 😀

Childhood memories are the ones we always love to remember and are the ones which will never get wiped off from our mind. I am one such person who is got lots and lots of childhood memories which I am sure I will never forget and those are the memories we can think over again and again and laugh at our own innocence and foolishness. This is one of my best memory and I would like to share it with you people.

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Je t’aime – I Love You…

Je t'aime

By the title, you might be wondering what I am going to say here. Is it about my love? or some one else’s? I am afraid, I might be disappointing you. Je t’aime is the name of my first short film. Though I have taken some albums, stage shows etc but as a complete short film, it was my first. By the way, the short film was never completed 😀 😀

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Man….Just look at my ASS!!!


Honestly, I wanted to make such posts which will gradually introduce me, my friends, my world to my dear readers. I guess my posts are doing it’s best to achieve the mission.  My best buddy Anirudh had a suggestion, he want me to change my style of writing in order to make my posts more interactive and attractive. He also complained that my style is got frequent brakes which affects the continuity. I would also wish to admit that, one of the main reason for writing this blog is that, I would need some writing exercise as I am planning to write a book on something and the last novel I wrote was 4 years back, so I lost touch :P, yeah!, I am serious 😀 . However, I am trying my best to bring about some change in the style.

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The last day in RCIS..

Year: 2008

Graduation Day

RCIS was my second home. I enjoyed a lot being there. Teachers, friends it was a different life. I studied in RCIS till 10th grade and there comes our graduation day. After that it was study holidays to prepare for our board exams. It was a hard time for everyone to say goodbye. Though we all will be in touch forever, we are leaving the school. We were the first batch from RCIS to attend board exams so teachers were extra good to us. For days we had done the graduation ceremony mock drills. Our costumes had come and so the final day. We decided to give the school a gift, that was a microwave oven for the staff room.  So we had arranged for one. We had no classes during those final days, and we used to play cricket in our class. It was fun everywhere. Anirduh, Akash and me used t gather round talk about anything and everything which cameup. We used to play truth or dare together that is with everyone…Nikhil, Santhosh, Ani, Akash, Mansa, Sampoorna, Revathy, Madhur, Veer etc.

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Manasa….That bird is staring at me….!

The Blue Bird


The year is August, 2007…It was a very pleasant day. As usual we had lots of fun in our class. oh, btw, I was in 10th. We just had 18 students in our class and I was sitting on the 2nd row from the left,the 4th desk which is the last one in that row. To my right side, that’s the first row, I have got Kevin George, Neville Craig, Manasa Thimmya & Revathy Ravindranath seated. Manasa is a great artist and a very good friend of mine. She is basically from Coorg. She is tall and beautiful.

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Team Eagle – First Investigation Report

Certain incidents in our life are unforgettable. It would even sound silly and funny when we think about it even after years.

The year is 2007, I was in ninth grade(9th) studying in Royale Concorde International School. Bangalore. I must say that 9th grade was my worst year in RCIS though it evokes many unforgettable memories. One of  my favorite is this one, Team Eagle and our first investigation 😀

Team Eagle


TIME – 11:30 AM – Wednesday,

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Daa, release the clutch… slowly…..

This is a Suzuki Samurai…I learned to ride a bike in one of these beasts. Anirudh Menon, a very close buddy of mine is the hero who taught me the art of riding bike. Anirudh {I call him Ani} and me are friends since 8th standard. Btw I did my 8th in Royale Concorde International school, Bangalore. I will definitely one day write about my school and the first day I went in there, and lots of stuffs happened in there. But I must say that my best days were when I was in RCIS.

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Introduction – About Me [ FORMAL ]

Hello Blog,


This is my first entry, well hmm, actually just installed you in my server 😀 so naturally this would be my first entry 😀  ahem ahem..back to business…


Well I am Rohith VSN, my full name is Rohith Vasudevan Sunil Nagarajan Namboothiri….yeaah you heard it right!! born in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Studied in Sharjah, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Chennai and now in Gurgaon…

Age 20 [well at the time of writing]

Height 178cm

Weight UNDISCLOSED [I’m very thin because of that the weighing machine cannot show my exact weight :P]


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