Palakkad Times – The Man Who Wouldn’t Wake Up!

October 9, 2013 - 14 minutes read


Palakkad Times – Yatra

April 7th 2013, the Epic Day!


This is a real life event, presented from the author’s point of view. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is not at all entirely coincidental: D .

Palakkad Times is a short novel by Rohith Namboothiri, which contains many great humorous, unforgettable events happened on April 7th 2013, an EPIC day.

This article is an excerpt from the short novel!

Revathy, Anirudh, Akash & Me


I would love to consider April 7th 2013 as the best day of my life, not only because it actually was the best day but there won’t be any such day like this in near future, and I am quite confident about that. It was Shruti Chechi’s [Anirudh Menon‘s Sister] wedding and the entire gang had come down to Palakkad to attend the function.  Each and every minute from April 7th 12:30 AM to April 7th 10:00 PM had to be told to the entire world and that is why I am writing this. I have tried my best to include everything I remember in this story and you are most welcome to contribute.

Since this is a public document, I had to filter/censor out certain epic series of events. If you are interested in reading the uncensored version, feel free to contact me and if you are eligible to get access to it, you can expect a reply.

Akash Nair and I had our Bangalore – Kochuveli Express coming at 5:45 PM on April 6th 2013 and I reached Krishnaraja Puram Railway Station, Bangalore almost one hour before the departure time. After 30-40 minutes of rigorous waiting, Akash Nair who lives closer to KR Puram came in with his tiny red bag. He was wearing a Tshirt and a grey shorts. I had my heavy laptop bag and a suitcase with me which had my dresses and my DSLR camera.  He came in through the rear gate and was already on the platform talking to someone over phone when I spotted him from the front entrance where I was waiting. I waved at him and he saw me. I picked up my heavy bags and walked over the platform bridge and reached the spot where Akash was. He was still talking to someone over phone and I asked him who it was and he whispered “Revathy.” She was worried about her return because she was on Waiting list 1 and she had to go back to Mangalore the same day after the wedding. Akash was helpless and he said we will find a way and asked her not to worry. He disconnected the call after telling his usual dialogue “Ee callinte cashu 6 roopa 25 paisa enikku nale tharanam” which means you will have to pay me this call’s rate 6 rupees 25 paisa tomorrow.

After few minutes of lingering around K.R.Puram station, we confirmed that our Bangalore-Kochuveli Express will be arrive on platform number 2 and we walked towards it. Our seat was confirmed and unfortunately both our seats were not close by. Mine was 7, a side lower berth and his was 60, aother lower berth. Exactly after 5:45 PM the train arrived and I got in through the front door of S8 coach and Akash got in through the rear door as his seat was closer to the rear entrance. As soon as I entered the coach, I was bewildered to find a lady, probably of 24 or 25 years seated their already. I looked at my seat number to confirm and she asked me “Seat number 7?”, I nodded and she got up and went to her seat which was on the right side. I was kinda feeling bored because I was surrounded by a gang of Malayalee nursing students and I had no one to speak to. Akash messaged on Whatsapp asking how is everything and I messaged him I am fine.




Ee train Angamaly stop ondo? [Does this train stop in Angamaly?] ,” my thoughts about the next day was interrupted by a ‘Chechi” question and I replied “Ariyilla Chechi, njaan adyamayitta ee trainil [I don’t know sis, I’m travelling for the first time in this train],” well hearing my reply everyone around giggled, well I still don’t know the reason behind that ambiguous giggle. It might be because I said this is my first time and none of them would have expected that. But I was honest, I always prefer traveling by road or air because I cannot sleep in train and if by chance mine is not a lower berth, then the real problem starts. I just cannot crawl up the strong iron ladder to the upper birth, thanks to my six pack, super slim athletic physique. As and when I was about to put back my BH503 bluetooth Nokia headset connected to my new Apple iPad 4 retina display to hear beautiful, romantic and melodies malayalam songs, she interrupted again and this time she asked ” Entha Peru? [ What’s your name?]” and I replied “Rohith.” “Entha Cheyunne? Padikuvano? [What are you doing now? studying?]” she asked and I replied “Njan padikunum ondu business cheyunum ondu [I’m working as well as doing business.]” “Oh, kollallo, entha padikunne? [Oh that’s nice, which course are you pursuing?]” she asked and I said “BBA.” She smiled and so the others who were hearing our conversation. Immediately as she stopped, I had my headsets back on to my ears to avoid further unsolicited conversations and resumed the song I was listening to.

After frittering away couple of jobless, boring hours, Akash managed to join me and sat next to me. The seat was empty as the young nursing lady was seated next to her friends adjacent to ours and she gave Akash permission to sit there for few hours. Akash and me had fun talking about various topics related to anything and everything and finally it was dinner time and Akash opened had got his dinner packed from home and he started eating his chappathis and I started munching my Lays chips.  It was night and every one was ready for sleep, and Akash had to go back to his berth as even he was feeling sleepy. I have this weird condition where I cannot sleep in train. So I sought help of my headset and started listening to some songs. Akash had given me instructions to wake him up at 12:00 AM as we had to get down at Palakkad at 1 :00 AM.

It was around 10:34 PM, a young guy came over and asked whether he can sit on that empty seat opposite to mine where Akash was sitting for few hours until he gets a seat in the general compartment. I said, I have a friend and he will wake up at 12:00 and he will come and sit here. He said, just tell him when to leave and he would leave immediately. Since, mine was the lower berth, if I wanted to sleep, I should unclock the seat and make it a bed, but since I wasn’t, I allowed him to sit there. The guy was wearing a blue shirt, had a bag and a thick beard. He started making small talks with me and he said he was a nurse, and is going back to his home for a vacation. I wasn’t interested in talking to him and I nodded as if I was listening and I had my music on in full volume. After some time, he said he is got head ache and he ate a tablet and went to sleep. It was 12:00AM and I had to wake up Akash. So I thought I will wake this guy up.

Chetta…Chettaa...” I tried calling him for like ten minutes. He ain’t waking up. I went to Akash and woke him up and told him “Eda, oru branthan ninte seatil vannu kedannu orangi, etra vilichittum enikunilla” [A mad guy is sleeping over there, and he ain’t waking up]. Akash came to my seat to investigate, and we both started doing things to wake him up. We pinched, we stamped his leg, we poured water on his face, we slapped him, we kicked him, we poked him with pen and compass, and still he wouldn’t wake up. Hearing and seeing this slight confusion and our suspicious activities, those nursing students around us woke up and asked us what is going on and we told them what happened.

Eda, oru branthan ninte seatil vannu kedannu orangi, etra vilichittum enikunilla!

Eda, oru branthan ninte seatil vannu kedannu orangi, etra vilichittum enikunilla!

A single man attempt became a team work, we all started doing anything and everything possible to wake him up but simply he wouldn’t. “Avan chatha?” [Is he dead?” asked one of them. He was breathing so we were sure that he ain’t dead. Nursing students used their medical knowledge to assume what happened and they started telling us possible theories but the fact that he ain’t waking up was troubling all of us. One of them went and called their professor who was sleeping in the next compartment, and he came running. We all tried a lot to wake him up but he didn’t and in a dangerous attempt performed by the professor to wake this guy up, he even had to sacrifice his shoes, which flew out of the train 😛 😉 😀 😀 .

It was 1:15AM and the train was nearing Palakkad. After few rigorous attempt of mine, falling over him [I’m serious!], he showed signs of waking up. “Hurrai, he woke up” everyone shouted but it didn’t last for even 1 second. He started sleep walking, started falling all over the places, throwing up. Walked to the lavatory, and started wandering here and there. The ladies started yelling and shouting and we started laughing literally rolling on the floor.

It was around 1:30 Am and the train stopped at Palakkad Station and Akash and me just jumped out of the train trying to escape from this abhorrent situation. We said bye to those young ladies who were still trying their best to wake him up. We walked towards a shop to drink tea. I called up Anirudh and he said he is coming to the station with Rahul. We waited outside for few minutes and Anirudh and Rahul came over and we got into the car to the hotel. More than “Yatra“, it’s the “Ghatana” we enjoyed the most and many unpredictable things happened.

Stay Tuned for the GHATANA – The Incident to be posted!



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