Secrets of Anirudh – Part 1

October 6, 2012 - 6 minutes read

First of all,  I would like to apologize for not writing any article since May. Well maybe it’s because I ran out of ideas, but now, I am starting a new feature. Story of Anirudh Menon, Rohith VSN & Akash Nair and their friendship from a hypothetical companion’s perspective.  This feature will host unforgettable, priceless, hysterical, knee slapping, whimsical, facetious sequences of their real life.  I hope the readers won’t reveal these secret incident’s to anyone 😉 😀 

Anirudh Menon

Name: Anirudh Menon

DOB: 1992 August 5

Place of Birth: Kochi

Anirudh menon was born and brought up in Kochi, Kerala.  Young Anirudh, grew up in a very healthy environment with lots of friends and companions.  He enjoyed his childhood with his family and friends. At the age of 13, he and his family moved into Bangalore, Karnataka.  Anirudh Menon got admission in Royale Concorde International school and pursued his studies there.

The year is 2005 and it’s August 18th. That was his first day in RCIS. He got up early in the morning, packed up his bag, wore his favourite green T-Shirt and a black pant, got into his brown BSA cycle and started off to school. It’s not just his first day in RCIS but the first working day of the school itself. The newly constructed school had majority of it’s area still under construction. Anirudh reached the school and was awestruck by the commodious structure of the school and the awe-inspiring warm welcome he received from the school authority. He was asked to move to a semi-circular area where other students gathered and awaited for their respective class teachers to guide them to their classes. A few moments later, a charming vibrant lady in turquoise blue sari walked into the floor and introduced herself as Elsie Velu, class teacher of 8th grade.  All the 8th grade students followed her into the class and carefully placed themselves in their respective seats. She explained the rules & regulations of the school, and asked each student to introduce themselves.

“I am Anirudh menon. I come from Campion school, Cochin. ” After each and every 14 students completed their introduction, Elsie Ma’am asked them to take down their timetable for the academic year. An hour passed by like a minute. Mesmerising and sweet were her words.

Knock Knock Knock! Anirudh and the rest turned around towards the door and so did Elsie Maam. The door opened, and a very huge figure in black t-shirt walked in. He was tall, fat & dark. All the students were staring at the new giant. Elsie Maam broke the silence and asked ” Yes this is 8th grade, are you part of this class?” He replied “Yes”  Elsie maam with her usual charming smile asked ” What is your name?” He replied ” Rohith VSN”  Elsie maam asked him to come inside and pointed a desk at the back and asked him to sit there. Anirudh and the rest of the class were still gawking at the new figure. They have never seen anyone of this size, this close.  Elsie Ma’am walked towards him and asked him to introduce. “I am Rohith VSN. I am from Trivandrum, Kerala. I am coming from Chinmaya Vidyalaya”  Elsie Maam, smiled and welcomed him. She asked the beautiful girl in pink top sitting in front of Rohith, for her book and gave it to Rohith to copy down the time table.

TRIIIING! “Ok children, its break time. You can have your snacks and relax for ten-twenty minutes” said Elsie Maam and she walked out of the class.  Anirudh slowly got up from his seat, peeped out of the door confirming Elsie Ma’am has left, turned towards the class and looked at everyone. Some of them were chatting and some sitting quite. He then looked at Rohith and walked towards him.

” Hi Njaan Anirudh. Malayali anelle? ” [ “Hi I am Anirudh. So you are a malayalee right?” ] Rohith replied “Athe, Naatil evideya?” [ “Yes, Where are you from? ] “Kochi” Anirudh replied. Their conversation was interrupted by a tall, slim guy. Rohith “Anirudh, ithu Akash, njangal naatil aduthadutha thamasam. njangal family friends anu.” [ “Anirudh, this is Akash, we are family friends and we live closeby in Trivandrum” ]

Akash Nair

Wait for the next post to know more about these three friends………



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