Deathly Hallow – A Near Death Incident!


Death is something we all fear. I believe the main reason human’s fear is because we fear death.  Death is the ultimate end which psychologically no humans want to achieve. There are many theories on death and by the way  I am not going to explain all that here, though it is one of my favorite topic and subject.

In every one’s life, there will be at-least one near death incident. Near death is the term usually used to define a situation when we narrowly escape death.  Similarly there happened one near death situation for me as well as my cousin Ananth Shankar [Deepu chettan]

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Another Arabi Story……


I suppose maturity is all about loosing your innocence. As a child you do anything what your elders ask you to do and that too without cross questions. Assuming that you have read my earlier posts, especially “Arabi…Arabi…,” if not, please stop by that article, read it and come back for further reading this one.

I stand corrected by my Father’s comment on the post Arabi..Arabi as he mentioned that the incident happened exactly the next day, Mom, Sister & Me reached Sharjah. So I am quite sure that this incident, which I am about to explain had happened after a week.

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When do we usually scream? I guess the reasons for shouting vary, and it may be done deliberately or simply as a reaction. The core motive, in essentially all situations, is communication. These outbursts convey alarm, surprise, displeasure or outrage, or perhaps to gain the attention of another person.  Let us summarize that by saying people scream or shout to express fear, surprise, danger, pain & anger. Sometimes, even to express happiness.

I am not here to explain the scientific reasoning why humans scream but I am here to narrate a small incident happened in my life.

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An Arabi 😀

Childhood memories are the ones we always love to remember and are the ones which will never get wiped off from our mind. I am one such person who is got lots and lots of childhood memories which I am sure I will never forget and those are the memories we can think over again and again and laugh at our own innocence and foolishness. This is one of my best memory and I would like to share it with you people.

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