I was bitten by an Angel & Bytrium was Born!


Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique. – Jaclyn Smith

My cute little Titan Timepiece placed on a light brown, wooden table next to my bed ticked 4:00 in the morning. It was still dark outside and I was sound asleep and my phone started ringing a whistle version of the famous tamil movie song “Unnodu Vaazhatha Vazhvenna Vaazhum,”

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The Girl Who Knocked Me Off My Feet!


The ten Ninjas of Mahila Mandiram

The ten Ninjas of Mahila Mandiram

Past few months, I have been continuously called to deliver speeches, conduct classes and workshops on entrepreneurship across India in various institutions, clubs, organizations and schools and I must admit that all those were an inestimable experience to me. Fifty-five speeches in 3 months, woah!, thats some record according to me and TEDX, I am literally flying!.

Me as a speaker @ TedX Bangalore

Me as a speaker @ TedX Bangalore

Out of all, my workshop at Mahila Mandiram was the most unforgettable one. Mahila Mandiram is one of the oldest non-profit social organization and it’s located in Poojapura, Trivandrum, Kerala [INDIA].

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Who am I? A Short Autobiography of Rohith Namboothiri


How many of us use e-mails to communicate with friends, families, acquaintances, living in different parts of the world, separated miles apart from us?


How many of us use social media networks to contact, or connect with the same families, friends, acquaintances etc?

Social Media

Internet and web has made our lives much easier right?

That’s what I do! I work hard, day and night to make your lives easier.

I am a “Web Architect” by profession, a passionate entrepreneur by choice. 

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What makes a Great Salesperson?

What makes a Great Salesperson a.k.a entrepreneur?




This is one question I am barraged with when ever I do a presentation on “Entrepreneurship.”

Before going further with my answer to that question, I have a confession to make. I am a passionate entrepreneur and like many, I am greatly inspired and mentored by many great entrepreneurs and their books and articles. My current state of business perspective is entirely based on years of experience, studies and knowledge acquired from these great books and articles.

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Je t’aime – I Love You…

Je t'aime

By the title, you might be wondering what I am going to say here. Is it about my love? or some one else’s? I am afraid, I might be disappointing you. Je t’aime is the name of my first short film. Though I have taken some albums, stage shows etc but as a complete short film, it was my first. By the way, the short film was never completed 😀 😀

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Manasa….That bird is staring at me….!

The Blue Bird


The year is August, 2007…It was a very pleasant day. As usual we had lots of fun in our class. oh, btw, I was in 10th. We just had 18 students in our class and I was sitting on the 2nd row from the left,the 4th desk which is the last one in that row. To my right side, that’s the first row, I have got Kevin George, Neville Craig, Manasa Thimmya & Revathy Ravindranath seated. Manasa is a great artist and a very good friend of mine. She is basically from Coorg. She is tall and beautiful.

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