Strawberry Frappe! :O !

Strawberry Frappe


We all like deserts. May be after food or as it is during some time in a day. This incident actually didn’t happen to me but I was there when it happened to one of my best friend Anirudh Menon. I am quite sure you might be asking yourself what is deserts or as the title says Strawberry Frappe doing with Anirudh! Well there is always some relation or the other between food and Anirudh ūüėÄ

This small incident happened during the Team Eagle Investigation. If you haven’t read the Team Eagle incident, then stop right away and click on this link¬† read it and continue reading this one.

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The last day in RCIS..

Year: 2008

Graduation Day

RCIS was my second home. I enjoyed a lot being there. Teachers, friends it was a different life. I studied in RCIS till 10th grade and there comes our graduation day. After that it was study holidays to prepare for our board exams. It was a hard time for everyone to say goodbye. Though we all will be in touch forever, we are leaving the school. We were the first batch from RCIS to attend board exams so teachers were extra good to us. For days we had done the graduation ceremony mock drills. Our costumes had come and so the final day. We decided to give the school a gift, that was a microwave oven for the¬†staff room. ¬†So we had arranged for one. We had no classes during those final days, and we used to play cricket in our class. It was fun everywhere. Anirduh, Akash and me used t gather round talk about anything and everything which cameup. We used to play truth or dare¬†together¬†that is with¬†everyone…Nikhil, Santhosh, Ani, Akash, Mansa, Sampoorna, Revathy, Madhur, Veer etc.

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Team Eagle – First Investigation Report

Certain incidents in our life are unforgettable. It would even sound silly and funny when we think about it even after years.

The year is 2007, I was in ninth grade(9th) studying in Royale Concorde International School. Bangalore. I must say that 9th grade was my worst year in RCIS though it evokes many unforgettable memories. One of ¬†my¬†favorite¬†is this one, Team Eagle and our first investigation ūüėÄ

Team Eagle


TIME – 11:30 AM – Wednesday,

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