Team Eagle – First Investigation Report

May 11, 2012 - 9 minutes read

Certain incidents in our life are unforgettable. It would even sound silly and funny when we think about it even after years.

The year is 2007, I was in ninth grade(9th) studying in Royale Concorde International School. Bangalore. I must say that 9th grade was my worst year in RCIS though it evokes many unforgettable memories. One of  my favorite is this one, Team Eagle and our first investigation 😀

Team Eagle


TIME – 11:30 AM – Wednesday,

It was January 2007. I don’t remember the exact date but it was a fine day, a Wednesday. Principal had called for an emergency teacher’s meeting and the senior grade students should go into juinior classes to maintain discipline. In RCIS we are the senior most students, I will definitely explain in another post how and why it is like that….

My close friend Neville Craig is the Head Boy, another good friend of mine Sampoorna Khanna is the Head Girl, so they have assigned classes for us to go and monitor. I had got 3th grade to monitor, well that was some class! The students were always energetic, shouting and running around, and they never listen to their 9th grade brother:D and of course we enjoyed it too..With me was Anirudh, we had some fun there, I swear.

It was almost 12:30, lunch break would begin soon, and we got information that the meeting is over, we had to return to our class rooms.  Ani and me took a stroll to the canteen, bought some rolls, and slowly went to our class and there was a crowd over there, some thing has happened…..

We enquired whats going on and no one was telling us properly, every one seems to be tensed up. I caught hold of Akash Nair, another very very close buddy of mine just like Anirudh, I would definitely introduce Akash  Nair properly in some other posts. We asked him whats going on and what he told us was quite shocking. Something has happened in our class. He said “Daa, some thing weird happened here, in our class. Some one has taken my water bottle and kept in Revathy’s desk and her pouch inside my bag. Similarly Sampoorna’s pen pouch is missing and so is Fazih’s which we later found inside Sampoorna’s bag. We don’t know who did it, we are going to report this to Else Maam” well Anirudh and Me stared at each other’s face for some time and burst out laughing. We literally thought some major incident had happened here. Well I am sure I will get an oppurtunity to introduce the names you find here thats Sampoorna, Revathy, Akash, Neville, Fazih etc. I know I am putting you people on hold from knowing them, but as I told you whats the point in knowing everything at a time, frequently read my posts and you will get to know more about my life, my friends, my family etc…

Back to business….I am actually a born detective 😀 I just love investigations, finding out stuffs based on clues I collect etc. May be because of that I ended up being an ethical hacker 😀 😛 After lunch, Akash came to us and said,” daa we should find out who did it.” I said ” common bro, this is not some big crime…some one might have done this for fun” he said ” No daa, its not like that, you see, we all know Fazih was in relation ship with Sampoorna, and the whole class teases me with Revathy, so some one purposely did it and we need to find out who did it and I have to ask him WHY he did it…”  May be its then, the idea of starting a detective agency struck me 😀 😀 YEAH!! you heard it…!! A Detective Agency ! 😀 !

Anirudh has always been with me for anything and everything I do. He was with me even when I decided to take up this case and find out who did it 😀 I called this detective agency “TEAM EAGLE”

It was then I had created a very simple, plain website by connecting 45+ individual blogs together for our class. The development of that site was fun and I would definitely bring that up soon. Similarly  I created a site for Team Eagle too…Here is the link TEAM EAGLE. Bear with me, all the images and design hosted either got expired or deleted from the free server where I uploaded everything, so now you can see only the skeleton of the site 😀

So we formed Team Eagle and in class serious discussions going on between us on the possible people who are linked with this so called crime, and their motive etc. Sampoorna came up and said even she is interested in joining our team and we said ok, fine …now team eagle is got three people..yaay!! Then came Revathy and then Jeff. Well Sampoorna and Revathy didnt do any work, they just wanted to get news about what we are after etc and thats why they joined, of course we didnt know that then, we were DUMB!! but when I think about that incident now…their motive is clear!

Jeff created a FIR for us and long discussions happened in Anirudh’s place different possibilities etc. We brought up a list of suspects, we had Namit, Nithish, Nikhil  on our front list and we had a secret list where we had Neville, Fazih listed down. We literally called up Namit, Nithish & Nikhil and recorded the phone conversation and found lots of clues leading us to the convict.

We suspected Nithish & Nikhil because they were wandering here and there during that period and we have eye witness reporting them going to the class and after some time running out laughing…..

We suspected Namit because he was never assigned a class to monitor and was the only person who was in the class.

I have finally found the recordings in my old PC after literally searching for FOUR HOURS! and I managed to attach it here. You can have a look at it…

Namit – Click to download or hear

Nithish – Click to download or hear

We questioned and questioned each and every one of them and finally got clues. I pinned down the person who commited this but couldnt tell any one, even Anirudh [Sorry bro!] because that person was/is a very good friend of mine. We submitted floppy disks containing the voice records and investigation reports to Elise Maam, our class teacher and I still remember the way she stared at us as if we were some JamesBond standing in front of her. She literally ended up asking  ” Are you guys some kind of detectives or some thing” Well we didnt reply…..we walked back to our class with a smile….

The case file was finally closed with the statement saying team Eagle couldn’t find the real convict, but some where deep inside my heart, I knew that it was one of my best buddies who did it….

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