The Girl Who Knocked Me Off My Feet!

October 31, 2013 - 7 minutes read


The ten Ninjas of Mahila Mandiram

The ten Ninjas of Mahila Mandiram

Past few months, I have been continuously called to deliver speeches, conduct classes and workshops on entrepreneurship across India in various institutions, clubs, organizations and schools and I must admit that all those were an inestimable experience to me. Fifty-five speeches in 3 months, woah!, thats some record according to me and TEDX, I am literally flying!.

Me as a speaker @ TedX Bangalore

Me as a speaker @ TedX Bangalore

Out of all, my workshop at Mahila Mandiram was the most unforgettable one. Mahila Mandiram is one of the oldest non-profit social organization and it’s located in Poojapura, Trivandrum, Kerala [INDIA].

The activity was organized by Make a Difference, an organization trying to empower the youth with education. I was asked to do a workshop on entrepreneurship and the activity was scheduled at around 10 AM on 13th October 2013.

As usual, I reached the venue well ahead of time and met the volunteers who were organizing the event. They told me that there would be ten to twelve girls attending the workshop and they would be students of 11th and 12th grades.  After a ho-hum thirty minutes wait, finally the girls marched in and they made themselves comfortable. One of the volunteers gave a brief introduction about me and what the workshop is about to those girls.

As and when I stepped in front of those charismatic young women, I saw a bit of tension on their faces as they had no clue what business and entrepreneurship is all about.  I pleasantly asked them to introduce themselves in English. The task was for me to assess the level of English communication competency they hold so that I can accordingly plan out how I should conduct the whole workshop.

Those ten young charming girls managed to introduce themselves in what ever limited English words they knew. Those woeful introduction of theirs drained off my confidence partially and I realized that it is gonna be an onerous task.

I slowly started with a simple “Dreaming” activity and slowly walked them through different phases and verticals of business. After a short session, I asked them to write down a business idea in a piece of paper. Out of the ten, five came up with various business ideas and then I asked the once who couldn’t come up with ideas to join the ones whose idea impressed them the most. Finally I had five teams with two members each. I walked them through the process of writing a business plan and asked them to prepare a draft business plan.


Many many brilliant ideas came up like a free karate coaching center for girls so that they can self-protect themselves at difficult times, another team came up with a light weight mobile phone which is so rigid that it wouldn’t break even if an elephant stamped on it. Then came a team with an idea of a smart watch which has got inbuilt GPS technology for the families to track them down. Out of all these brilliant ideas, one team came up with the most amazing one which literally blew me off.

Unbreakable Light weight Watch was this girl's idea!

Unbreakable Light weight Watch was this girl’s idea!

Karate Class Idea!

Karate Class Idea! – Elevator Pitch Presentation

A 11th grade kid wanted to start a Bio-Gas company which would manufacture low-cost bio-gas plant. The plant could be purchased by a group of four to five families living near by. People who cannot afford LPG cylinders can book connections from these families in return for daily waste materials to fill up the plant. The gas produced by the plant will be pipe-lined to every houses which booked the connection, in long term, drastically allowing them to save lot of money which they used to give for LPG cylinders. The processed waste materials will be treated and will be converted to fertilizers and substances to produce electricity. The bio-gas plant, unlike other plants in market, will be covered with solar panels which would generate electricity to run the plant and the excess electricity will be stored in batteries which would serve as an emergency back up to those four to five homes who installed the plant.

The Kid Who Knocked Me Off my Feet!!

The Kid Who Knocked Me Off my Feet!!

The elevator pitch presentation this girl delivered was so amazing that I seriously doubted whether she was a real entrepreneurs with previous business experience. She included precise facts and figures in her presentation and the approximate funds she intended to raise was close to reality. The idea she and her friend came up with might not be fresh, but a 11th standard kid who has limited exposure to outside world coming up with such idea left me in total awe!

The three hour workshop taught me a lot and one thing I realized is that, there are many many potential entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas out there and they do-not have enough resources to come into spotlight and that being my endeavor, to pin=point such talents, and help them become a successful entrepreneur, I am confident enough that my vision will come true one day.

Once again I must thank Make A Difference for giving me this opportunity to talk to these wonderful minds. My motto being “Let’s Ideate The Next Big Bang!” I am sure with your support and great assistance from many others, I can make Project AxUniverse a reality.




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