Yes, I’m Twenty-Two (22)

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Long long ago,  on September 7, 1992, a hospital located in Trivandrum, Kerala [INDIA] was celebrating it’s Sixth (6th) year of operations. The hospital was founded by the Late P. Ratnaswamy who was an engineer cum builder by profession. It was a very tall building with around 250 bed strength in a 1 acre land right at the city.   In one of those 250 beds, thirty minutes (30) past twelve (12) [If I am not wrong :P] I tasted air for the first time.  Life has been a journey for me and each and every bit was a learning experience as well. I don’t remember much of what happened during my first 5  birthdays.

September 7, 1997, our first year in Sharjah. Despite all the struggle to survive in a new country, my dear parents made sure they bought a cake for my birthday and celebrated it grand. They made sure they bought cakes year after year and we all celebrated it together. Those were the moments I always cherish. Laughter and love everywhere and the four of us together. I really miss those days.  Unfortunately I don’t have the videos of the same to share right now, but I will definitely share it once I get it.

September 7, 2001, we came back to Trivandrum, and they took us to grand hotels for dinner on my birthdays. Unfortunately my birthday is during Onam time, a great festival in Kerala and I never got a chance to take chocolates to school and distribute like other kids did and that used to make me sad [at-least saved few bucks for my dad 😛 ] On every birthday, my mom makes those delicious “Paal Payasam” [Milk Porridge], my favorite.

My last Birthday celebration in Kerala was on 7th September 2003 where we had a big get together at our home in Jagathy, Trivandrum with my cousins. Got lots of presents and had an awesome lunch made by my dear Amma.

I have mentioned this in my previous posts as well,  that coming to Bangalore was a life changing experience for me. New friends, new school, new life. I enjoyed it. Birthday celebrations never happened at its best when I was in Bangalore, may be because I was “Horizontally + Vertically” growing in a very faster rate and my parents naturally would have been scared to treat me with more sweets!  But one of the best memories I have in Bangalore are those precious gifts I got from my best buddy Anirudh Menon. But by then I was never bothered about my birthday. It was just like any other day for me and for the past 4 years, it was my best friends, especially Saroj Solanki who used to call me regularly at 12:00 AM on 7th September and remind me that its my birthday. She was the first person to call me this time too and that’s 5th year in a row! Last year, I was in Trivandrum and on my birthday my buddies Gokul Krishnan and Nikhil Sreekumar made my day special by bringing home a cake! This year, it was a mere coincidence that my birthday was on the same day as Onam, and my parents badly wanted me to go to Kerala, but I couldn’t go unfortunately and I am really sorry Acha and Amma.

I am one such person who doesn’t believe in age. Since this blog is all about confessions, I must confess that I have been “21” for the past 3 years and occasionally been 24 as well! :P. As situation demands, my age fluctuates! I am 22 now, and if you are reading this post, make sure you remember my age and please don’t ask me how old I am because I might say I am 18 :p

This time, I was quite alone in my flat and at 12:00 AM, as usual got a call from Saroj and Anirudh. Then I celebrated my birthday, my self by eating a slice of Black Forest Cake, I bought few days back!

Black Forest

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful wishes and I must admit, you all have played a major role in my life. Few people who influenced my life are as follows:

Sunil Vasudevan & Sailaja Sunil – My dear parents. They were always with me and will always be with me. I don’t know whether I have ever made you both proud, but I promise, one day, I shall! I am of this type that I fail to easily express my feelings, may be because I trained myself to be one because in business feelings shouldn’t pull you back. But from the bottom of my heart, I love you both more than anything in this world and I will be always there for you!

Rohini S.N – My sweet Ammu Chechi, my sister. She is my first girl friend. Her whimsical criticism has always helped me to find better opportunities and improve my skills. I know I am not a good brother, but I promise, I shall try to become one.  I love you!!

Girija Ajit, Sreelatha Ramesh, Ramesh Parameshwaran, Ajith Sankar Potti – My dear aunts and uncles. They support me, love me and will be always there for me. If I had ever hurt you, I’m really sorry. I love you!

Parvathy Ajit, Anant Sankar, Achuth Ramesh – They are not just my cousins, but  my own sister and brother(s). I don’t know whether I have brought anything good into your lives, but I just cannot imagine a life without you all!

Dileep Mohan & Gokul Krishnan – My partners in crime! Without them, I would have ended up doing some white collar job behind a desk some where. You guys played a major role in my life and if I have reached some where, that’s mainly because of your continuous support. I cannot thank you guys more! We are brothers for life!

Nikhil Sreekumar – A new found brother. We have been friends for almost 4 years now. With him, I feel I have someone to care about me. I will never forget those times in Chennai where you used to be with me during the worst days of my life and gave me support, courage and care. I know at times, I have hurt you, but honestly I never meant to. I am really sorry bro, you’re the best!

Anirudh Menon & Akash Nair – My second family. We are unanimously called as the three musketeers. They have been in my life for the past 8-9 years and there is nothing they don’t know about me. They know what I think even before I speak. I can never live without you both!

Rahul P Nair – In a very short span of time, he became an inseparable part of my life. His care, compassion and support helps me move forward! Thanks a lot for coming into my life bro.

Kavya Sundaram – Today, if I am here, writing this blog and you reading this, it’s all because of her. I owe her my life. She is one such person with whom I can share anything and everything. She has been a part of my life for the past 5-6 years and her continuous support, mentoring, love & care gives me the power to move forward. I know I have never done anything for you but, One day I shall make you feel proud dear! I promise!

Saroj Solanki – The girl who never forgets my birthday even if I forget, the girl who loves me for who I am and not what I am! My best friend since PUC. She was always there for me when I needed her. I know I am not a good friend, but I shall try my best to be one. You are one of those best things which happened to me sugar!

Nikhil Shetty, Santhosh Parameshwaran & Neville Craig – My best buddies for life since school. They have been with me for almost 8-9 years. Akash, Anirudh and these three complete my friends circle!

Prem Karunakaran – My Godfather I would like to call him as. He uplifted me, opened my eyes and introduced me to international business. He is my business mentor, and things I have learned from him is engraved in my heart. I believe those advises helped me become a better entrepreneur and I cannot thank you enough for all those great opportunities you have given me. I owe you a lot sir!

You-Know-Who :- Entered my life recently with a Big Bang! I was such an Extra Territorial creature who cared about nothing but business. I had no emotions. I was cold as an Ice, sore as a Spice, Hard as a Rock & cheap as a Schlock. But this person in a very short span of time transformed me into a human. You’re the most precious gift I can ever get and thanks for being a part of my life. I lOVE YOU!!!

I am Extremely sorry if I have missed out any ones name, but like I mentioned before, you all play a major role in my life and thanks for all the love, care and support.

With Lots and Lots of Love





Rohith Namboothiri



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