2013 – A Year Not To Be Forgotten!

December 29, 2013 - 11 minutes read

“Da, did you give it?”

“Yea, I did”

“What did she say?”

“She said thanks, I have an exam man, so I left earlier, the others are still at her place I think”

December 28th 2012, I asked a friend of mine to give a birthday gift to another friend of ours who isn’t that friendly with me due to many unsolicited reasons. The birthday gift had to be given five days prior to her birthday as there was no other option for me. I bought the gift few months earlier wishing for a chance to give her the gift myself and apologize for any but all mistakes I have done to her.

That was an excerpt from a lengthy story I am planning to write, but 2013 started started off for me in a similar way.    It was a year filled in with surprises, fun, happiness, sadness, confusion, betrayal, soul hunt, invention, glorifying moments, and many, many remarkable, extra ordinary, eventful incidents.

Being the coldest month of the year, JANUARY is always special for me.  It was  one of the most important month of the year. Axeleron’s subsidiaries, Axeleron Technologies and Aftertaste Media was registered. It was also the month where I was so jobless that I ended up making a not-so-great naive birthday video for my friend (I think, no one as ever seen it 😛 thank god!)

Amma’s birthday, brainstorming sessions with my business partners, making few outstanding deals, chilling out with friends, it was an amazing month. An awesome way to kick start a year!

FEBRUARY being a tranquil, serene month, not much activities took place apart from those funny business proposals I got, speaking of which one of the most unforgettable deal was from Mr. David Young, an american entrepreneur, who wants me to be his new business partner handling the web development for the dumbest idea I have ever heard which he claims is a million dollar venture. The world celebrated February 14th in many ways but I celebrated it watching “Vinnaithandii Varuvaya” a Tamil movie.

Brainstorming in full swing and I came out with a clear cut strategy to create the next big thing “AxUniverse” a.k.a eCubator. May be due to over estimation and naivety, eCubator didn’t kick off well in the initial stages but with refined ideas and strategy put into effect, on MARCH 20th, I created a revolutionary ingredient which can be used for any but all business endeavors I started or may start in future.  Business tie-ups with various organizations like NASA India, I was able to built a strong foundation for the patent-able business ingredient “eCubator”.  Aftertaste Media, my another ambitious project was also gaining a strong structure.

The month which celebrates, a special day for the fools, APRIL, invited few new friends into my life. I trusted them, loved them and cared for them. I formed a new team and kick started Aftertaste Media. Every day we learn something new, and the lesson I learned from this new-found friendship was humongous.  It was also one of the best month of the year 2013 for me because April 7th, was Anrudh Menon’s sister’s marriage where we all had an amazing time in Palakkad.



Never mix friendship with business, and if you do,  make sure they understand business“, this is the lesson I learned.  I am proud to say that a great cinematographer, a DJ Coordinator, and a great TV Anchor/Actress made me realize what friendship is, what love is, what care is and also what the feeling of being deceived is.  No matter what you do,  how much you try to help them, people stick to what they hear, what they think is right, and MAY taught me that, though it being the month of confusion and deception for me, I must admit that I did enjoy a lot with these new found friends of mine.

Frequent outflow of cash and investment in return for immense pleasure and expectations on potential revenue generation or returns followed by occasional pitter-patter rain drops and heavy downpours is what I can best possibly describe JUNE as.  I also started gaining little fame for various activities including my creation “eCubator” and I started getting invitations from many organizations, institutions and associations to deliver speeches and present AxUniverse to their members.  I was in Vizag, having a good sleep in a five-star hotel room, where I had to attend a meeting. It was around 6:00 AM, that I woke up to hear the news of my beloved Grandmother’s demise. An irretrievable loss of an irreplaceable person, I miss you a lot my dear “Mutthassi.”

JULY & AUGUST were the months I spent most of my time brainstorming and inventing a new technology which I cannot reveal at this point of time. After the great break up and dissolving of the initial Aftertaste Media management team, I must admit that I was in a state of insecurity, confusion and fear. However my close friends and family was always there for me and like a phoenix bird I was able to rise up from the ashes. One of the best moment was the mail I received from a Make A Difference volunteer stating that I cleared the telephonic interview and I was invited to attend a recruitment drive, an opportunity for me to Make a Difference in the society.

A surprise birthday gift from my dearest Achan and a cake from my best buddies Gokul & Nikhil started off SEPTEMBER for me in great spirits. Filled in with enthusiasm, I was able to perform well at the MAD Recruitment drive and was recruited as a Volunteer to serve the under privileged kids.

A dream come true experience, I was invited as a guest speaker at a TedX event in Bangalore to share my life story to the public, that is all I remember OCTOBER for. I was also able to finalize, redefine and optimize a business plan for my new invention and the hunt for a new team began in full swing. One of the best months of the year!

Realizing the great opportunity ahead, I decided to shift to Bangalore, my second home. Feeling re-united, the month started off with an old friend visiting Bangalore and the old school kids having a great get together.  A day dream while taking a bath found me a name for my new business. The month where I filed a patent and a trademark for my new invention. I became an “Inventor”, a phenomenal realization. Out of all these glorious moments, on 4th NOVEMBER, I became an uncle. This is truly the star month of the year, any doubts?


To have niece as wonderful as you, makes me the lucky few! Love you my dear!

To have niece as wonderful as you, makes me one of the lucky few! Love you my dear!


One day prior to Xmas,, I had my first board meeting with my co-founders of the new venture. “A magnificent, passionate and motivating team, that is all you need to push yourself to the limits” and I am proud to say that I found my dream team! Manorama Online wrote a story on me, what more do I need? DECEMBER is a life changing month for me.

Board of Directors – A magnificent, passionate and motivating team, that is all you need to push yourself to the limits!

I wish that this New Year, the light of faith is bright and steady and may no wind or storm make it flicker or flutter. As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in our hearts forever!

I would personally wish to thank Sunil Vasudevan (Achan), Sailaja Sunil (Amma), Rohini Jayadevan (Ammu Chechi), Jayadevan (Unni Chettan),  Anirudh Menon, Akash Nair, Rahul Nair, Kavya Sundaram, Ruby Naaz, Vignesh, Saroj, Umasankar, Meenakshi, Roopa, Gokul Krishnan, Nikhil Sreekumar, Dileep Mohan, and all my friends and family for making 2013 an unforgettable year!

Happy New Year!




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