A funny world it is and a whimsical joker I am in it!

May 2, 2014 - 4 minutes read

Funny world map on food


It is indeed very true that globalization has made the world smaller. Anything and everything in this world is available to everyone (to an extent) and we tend to live happily in this world. Internet is one of the most revolutionary invention of all times according to me and definitely it played a major role in bringing the world together and making it much much smaller.

While the world celebrates its freedom, and proclaims that they have access to anything and knows everything, its still a surreptitious fact that what we see, what we hear are all decided by someone, a body or an individual, placed somewhere and I definitely did not mean God!

What We Should Know Is What We Get‘. We all know the importance of Google in our life. Its said that, what ever we need to know could be found using Google like answers to all our questions, solutions to our problems, things we want etc. But how many of us are aware of the fact that what we see is just a percentage of what is really available out there in the world of web?  For instance, how many of us know about the “Dark Web” or the “Dark Net?”

The dark, unenlightened, hush-hush, cloak-and-dagger face of the web which is not accessible via normal browser is called the Dark Web. The “Onion land” is one such hermetic dark web world where many legal and illegal information, resources, objects and services are available in abundance.  The web we see is known as “Clear Net” and the web world which we believe to be free from any kind of deception is actually a nonentity, because we get only what we should get! Ain’t that really frustrating that someone is actually controlling us to an extent that they decide what we should get?  Lets not get deep into it for now.

Lets take another subject for now. Love is one of my all-time favorite topics I love discussing about. In today’s world, I have heard people often complaining about the extinction of true love. “We don’t get what we deserve or what we need” is becoming a common phrase these days. But have we actually thought about why we don’t get this from others? Have we tried reasoning out why true love is not easily found? The majority would say “YES“, if not, I shall quit writing.  But actually do you?

World is a funny place because despite our knowledge and frequent frustration about not finding true love, we tend to callously deject those ones who approach us with one. We simply ignore it and by doing so we are forgetting the fact that we are actually not just loosing out an opportunity to be true-loved by someone but also saying good-bye to a better future. Its extremely and obdurately hard to find those who indubitably care and love your personality and who fulminate or give a damn about your pulchritudinous.

Open your inner eyes and realize the fact that we are living in a made up world controlled by others,  filled in with mysterious incidents and our future being already prescribed. Self actualization, actually can make your world a better place for you to live in.  Think about it!